Why You Need a Virtual Assistant Specialist in the 21st Century


man in blue suit shaking hands with virtual hand


It’s astonishing how we’ve reached a new century, one called The Information Age, and there are still those who remain suspicious of conducting business online. In spite of all the incredible advances we’ve made in technology, why isn’t there more business transacted on the world wide web?

Several years ago, I created my startup, The Lion Group U.S., with an eye on conquering the virtual market by providing executive level virtual assistance. Many clients embraced the concept, and we were able to provide outstanding services at a fraction of the cost it would entail in hiring a single on-site employee for their business. How so?

By working with a virtual assistant, you save on the cost of employee benefits such as health insurance, employee-related benefits, and tax savings. As independent contractors, virtual assistants are responsible for their own bookkeeping and taxes and often perform many tasks and assume many responsibilities as a 1099 contractor. In this way, you don’t need to find a place for them in your office. They don’t get paid when they aren’t working for you, and you never have to worry about worker’s compensation or accrued vacation time. There is very little risk outside of confidentiality concerns, which are easily solved with a signed confidentiality agreement.

Furthermore, you get the benefit of having some of the most incredibly talented people working for your team! Because, if we’re being honest and transparent here, virtual employees didn’t get to be successful by shirking their responsibilities or not showing up for work.

With each new client, I go through a stringent interview process that is likely more in-depth than an actual face-to-face interview. Once that process is behind us, we begin building a strong bond of trust in working together.


  • Virtual assistants work around your schedule to provide you service whenever you need it. Think of them as your ‘on-call’ go to person. No need to hire part time employees and hope you have enough work to keep them busy for the hours they work. With a virtual assistant you only pay for time spent on YOUR project AND work can be done outside normal business hours. Virtual assistants take on those every day essential tasks you don’t have time for because you’re too busy growing your business and wearing all the others hats you have to wear: sales and marketing manager, CEO, strategic planner, etc. In other words, we do the work while you are busy doing what you do best.
  • There’s no need for an actual office if you don’t need one or work from home.
  • There are no agency fees as with temporary employees.
  • You don’t need to spend any money on employee training.
  • You won’t pay any overtime and yet you’ll still keep your projects on schedule.
  • A virtual assistant may have skills that you don’t, desperately need but don’t have time to learn.
  • A virtual assistant cares about his business – it’s his livelihood – he wants you to call him and he wants you to tell others about his services. This translates to superior service.
  • A skilled virtual assistant is your collaborative partner to take on all those administrative tasks that distract you from your job of growing and running your business.

My clients enjoy these things and more. Need a document notarized? Got it. Need legal insight from a paralegal skilled in that area of law? Got it. Need somebody to manager your calendar and travel? Got it.

There’s not much a Virtual Assistant can’t do! So if your personal budget is suffocating your growth margin, you have cost-saving options.

What types of businesses benefit from Virtual Assistance?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches
  • Home Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Property Managers
  • Law Firms
  • IT Firms
  • Accounting and Financial Firms
  • Marketing Firms

Honestly, any company that provide a service – janitorial, general contractors, architects, and many more can benefit from having Virtual Staff. If you’re one of those hovering along the edges of the ever-expanding virtual services decision, perhaps now is the time to look into it!


The first question I ask is: What do you need, and how best can I fulfill that need? Here are some of the services I currently provide for clients:

  1. Creating/updating/maintaining databases & CRMs
  2. Collating business cards into an Excel sheet for uploading to CRMs or address books
  3. Data entry
  4. Basic bookkeeping
  5. Data mining / online research / corporate intelligence
  6. Complex research and reporting
  7. Typing up notes
  8. Minute taking
  9. Social media set up/training/maintenance/scheduling
  10. Facebook, Twitter or Google ads – creating, monitoring & analyzing
  11. Setting up/managing webinars & podcasts
  12. Forum commenting/monitoring/administrating
  13. Setting up LinkedIn groups
  14. Transcription
  15. Marketing & Graphic Design
  16. Creating/editing/formatting templates & guides
  17. Event coordination – venue finding & confirmation/collating attendees & documents/on-site support
  18. Chasing outstanding invoices
  19. Diary/calendar management – scheduling meetings, syncing with devices, adding upcoming events
  20. Email management – detox/labels/filters/folders
  21. Writing/editing/formatting reports & presentations
  22. Researching/making travel & accommodation arrangements
  23. Blog set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
  24. Website set up/writing/SEO/editing/scheduling
  25. Newsletter set up/writing/autoresponders/editing/maintenance/scheduling
  26. eBook editing/formatting/publishing
  27. Gmail set up & training
  28. Designing/formatting infographics, logos, banners, social media profile images
  29. Paralegal Services
  30. Creative Services
  31. Administrative Services
  32. Recruiting Services
  33. Technical Services
  34. Project Management
  35. Logistics Oversight and Organization
  36. Ghostwriting journal articles, blog articles, press releases, etc.

The list is virtually endless. What are you waiting for?


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